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Cumberland County

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Cumberland County will redraw county commissioner district boundaries in 2021. The redrawing must be completed by November 17, in order for candidates to file for the 2022 election. County residents can demand an open redistricting process and districts that fairly represent communities in the county. Below is the current county districts boundaries map, basic demographic information, and how county residents can participate in ensuring a fair redistricting process in the county.

FCNC is not an official website of the county government.


You can participate in achieving Fair Redistricting in Guilford County.

When volunteers form a fair county redistricting team then progress made during the year will be reported here.

No county team formed yet. Fair Counties NC can help you start a team in your county. Volunteer here.

Cumberland County Board of Commissioners Structure

The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners has 7 members. 2 members are elected from District 1. 3 members are elected from District 2. 2 members elected at-large. Commissioners serve 4-year terms. Your county commission makes many decisions that affect you, including providing funds for schools, public health, and many local services, writing regulations, approving projects, and setting tax rates.

Current Districts Map

Cumberland County Population Statistics

Following are demographics for the county. The “2019 Population Est. – Percentages” data at the county level are displayed both in the table and also below the table as a bar chart. Click on the municipality below to visit their website.