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Get Involved

Volunteer with Fair Counties NC

We need everyone on board to get a fair, transparent, and participatory system in time for the 2021 NC county redistricting. Please join us to help end gerrymandering and other unfair redistricting practices once and for all! Ways you can help include: 1) join/form a local team in your county, 2) help with other important targeted NC counties, and 3) help with general support for the Fair Counties NC project.

Request a Speaker

Do you have a group that would like an engaging and informative illustrated talk on county redistricting, why we need to end gerrymandering to protect our democracy, and how we can get it done? Our speakers have given dozens of presentations across the state on redistricting at all political levels. 

Conduct a Workshop

Help make fair county redistricting happen by conducting a workshop. A workshop is a great way for participants to learn about the important services provided by county government, and ways to make your county board more responsive to resident needs. Want assistance setting upa workshop? Use the Fair Counties NC contact form to request assistance with a workshop.

Endorse a Redistricting Resolution

Democracy demands an open and participatory approach to the redrawing of our county commissions. Local citizens and organizations can encourage their county commissions to adopt such an approach for the 2021 redrawing. 

​Fair Counties NC provides a sample Resolution (PDF file) that your organization can endorse and then present to a county commission. Fair Counties NC can provide assistance in getting the commission to adopt it.

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