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FairCountiesNC has lots of information about NC county redistricting, gerrymandering (drawing districts to benefit the party drawing the map), and how commissions are structured. We’re here to help citizens ensure that their county commissioners are accountable through fair redistricting. See below for links to more information.

Fair Redistricting GuideFind out which NC county commission districts will be redrawn in 2021. And learn how you can ask for an open, transparent redrawing process.
Communities of InterestWhat is a Community of Interest (COI)? Why are COI’s important for redrawing county commission boundaries? How can you provide input to your county commissioners on YOUR community?
Redistricting and GerrymanderingWhat is gerrymandering and how does it work? How does gerrymandering create unfair county commissioner districts?
Commission StructuresThere are 100 NC counties and they are not all structured the same. The number of county commissioners varies (and so does the number of districts). Some counties do not even have districts!