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Request a Speaker

Request a speaker on county redistricting reform

Do you have a group that would like an engaging and informative illustrated talk on county redistricting, why we need to end gerrymandering to protect our democracy, and how we can get it done? Our speakers have given dozens of presentations across the state on redistricting at all political levels. Members of the audience often invite us to come speak to their groups and we love that! We’re happy to customize our talk to your group (length, topics, etc.).  Our standard talk is 20-30 minutes plus Q&A, but we can do longer or shorter talks on request. If our speaker would be part of a panel, we would expect to talk for about 10-15 minutes (or do moderated Q&A). We also do webinars!

Our talk is strictly nonpartisan. Both parties have gerrymandered in North Carolina and could do so again. It’s wrong no matter which party does it! 

It’s easy to have us come speak to your group:  there’s NO CHARGE and we have our own projectors, screens, and loudspeakers, if needed! 

Please let us know your needs by filling out this form and we’ll be happy to get back to you to discuss. Or contact us at

We will speak to any organized group:  Rotary/Kiwanis/etc., church groups, political party organizations, activist or civic groups, business/professional associations or chambers, etc. We will also speak to house parties if you can get 20 of your friends to sign up.