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Will your county have to redraw? Here’s how to tell!

Now that the Census data are here, we can answer the above question definitively. New, easy-to-use (and free!) tools, such as DRA2020, level the playing field between mapping experts and ordinary people, making it much easier for non-experts to draw their own redistricting maps or assess draft maps produced by county officials, for example. Using these tools, we can also assess the current county district maps to see whether or not the new Census data shows that they are now too far from the equal population standard and therefore need to be redrawn. Redrawing is only an issue at all… Read More »Will your county have to redraw? Here’s how to tell!

Public participation in local redistricting gains momentum!

Pasquotank County, once part of the very first county established in North Carolina, logged another first this July: It became the first county to adopt the Fair County Redistricting Resolution! It also announced dates for its public hearings. Read all about the opportunities for public input to the new district lines in this story from the Elizabeth City Daily Advance. Here are some key quotes from the Daily Advance story: Pasquotank residents will have three opportunities this fall to weigh in on the new redistricting plan for four of the seven seats on the county Board of Commissioners. Commissioners voted… Read More »Public participation in local redistricting gains momentum!

Greensboro first NC city to adopt the Fair Counties NC Resolution

Full details from the Rhino Times: A resolution on the agenda for the Tuesday, July 13 City Council meeting will be the first action in the City Council redistricting process that will take place this fall. The Greensboro City Council elections have been delayed to March and April or May2022, in order for this redistricting process to take place. However, preliminary figures indicate that because Greensboro has grown in population at a rate of less than 1 percent a year since 2010, the city likely will not be required to redistrict. In 2011, the City Council was not required to… Read More »Greensboro first NC city to adopt the Fair Counties NC Resolution

Restore the VRA to protect county voters’ rights

Fair Counties NC calls on all North Carolina voters to tell your representatives in Washington that we need quick action to restore and strengthen the VRA. Without the VRA to fully protect our voting rights, we could be facing years of stormy voting, rigged maps, and voter suppression with no umbrella to protect us. We are about to start the first statewide redistricting since 1960 without the powerful protections of the Voting Rights Act’s Section 5. This key provision, overturned by the US Supreme Court in 2013, required that the US Justice Department or federal district court preclear any change… Read More »Restore the VRA to protect county voters’ rights

Redistricting Calendar up in the air

This year’s redistricting calendar? It’s all up in the air!

You’ve probably noticed that 2020 was not a normal year and that 2021 is off to a pretty rocky start, too… The 2021 redistricting calendar, like everything else, is thrown up into the air by the many delays and uncertainties generated by Covid. That’s because the redistricting depends on the 2020 Census data. And that’s been delayed by–you guessed it–COVID. Covid drastically reduced the deployment of Census workers who normally would knock on doors to fill in missing responses, for example. The Census folk up in Washington now have their work cut out for them to produce the most accurate… Read More »This year’s redistricting calendar? It’s all up in the air!